Fat Transfer FAQs

What is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer involves the removal of fatty tissue from a donor area, which is then purified, and injected into the target area, restoring natural-looking volume.

How will the fat transfer help with my breast reconstruction?

Fat tissue can be used to beautifully recreate a breast after a mastectomy. The fat transfer results in a soft, sculpted breast with very minimal scarring.

How long will the fat transfer process take?

The fat transfer procedure will take from two to three hours to perform. This includes time for the Liposuction procedure, purification of the fatty tissue, and the sculpting of the breast.

How is the fat transfer procedure performed?

Dr. Schwartz will begin the fat transfer process by gently extracting fatty tissue from a donor area. Using an innovative process, Dr. Schwartz will prepare and purify the fat cells. Finally, he will inject the fatty tissue into the breast, sculpting the area to the desired size

Where will the fatty tissue come from?

Dr. Schwartz will remove the fatty tissue from a donor area elsewhere on your body, such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks (love handles), or lower back.

Will more than one fat transfer treatment be necessary?

Depending on your desired results, more than one fat transfer session may be required. These will normally be performed over a two to six month period.

When can I return to work after my fat transfer?

Most women feel well enough to return to work or school less than a week after their procedure. Vigorous exercise and strenuous lifting should be avoided for at least four to six weeks.

What are the possible complications from a fat transfer?

While rare, the potential risks from a fat transfer include infection, scarring, bleeding, nerve damage, and fat necrosis.

Will the fat transfer result in scarring on my breast?

No, a small needle will be used to insert the fatty tissue into the breast, the technique does not result in any visible scarring.

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