Autoderm Breast Reconstruction FAQs

What is Autoderm?

Autoderm is a breast reconstruction procedure utilizing the patient’s own vascular tissue. The natural graft allows Dr. Schwartz to safely place larger implants, often faster, than when using other types of dermal graft.

Where does the tissue for Autoderm come from?

Autoderm utilizes a patient’s own skin to reconstruct the breast. Due to this fact, the patient will need to have excess skin around the breast to be a successful Autoderm candidate.

Who is a good candidate for a procedure using Autoderm?

The ideal candidate for Autoderm will be a woman in overall good health, with a large amount of excess skin surrounding the breast. The procedure works well for women who will require radiation after their mastectomy, as well.

Why is Autoderm beneficial over other grafting methods?

Autoderm allows for a faster tissue expansion, since it spares the pectoralis major muscle, and can mean earlier placement of the implant. The surgical procedure is faster, and holds a smaller incidence of complications, than procedures using an acellular dermal matrix.

Is there scarring after the use of Autoderm?

While a scar does occur after the positioning of Autoderm, this is normally well-concealed along the lower portion of the breast.

Who created Autoderm and why?

Dr. Schwartz developed Autoderm as an alternative to acelluar dermal matrix, which he noted in his experience to have an undesirably high complication rate. The acellular dermal matrix is not vascularized, therefore takes longer to incorporate into the natural breast tissue. Autoderm on the other hand, is vascularized, and easily bonds with existing tissues.

Why choose Dr. Schwartz for your breast reconstruction?

Dr. Schwartz has over 10 years of experience performing plastic and reconstructive procedures. He has assisted hundreds of woman through their breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Dr. Schwartz’ use of Autoderm ensures patients they will receive the safest and most aesthetically pleasing breast reconstruction available today.

Where are procedures using Autoderm performed?

Dr. Schwartz works out of the The Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, as well as several other Los Angeles area hospitals.

What are the risks associated with Autoderm?

Autoderm is has a much lower compilation rate than similar procedures performed using acellular dermal matrix for breast reconstruction. Should the rare complication occur, however, it may include tissue necrosis, poor wound healing, and excessive scarring.

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