One-Stage Breast Reconstruction FAQs

What is one-stage breast reconstruction?

Single stage breast reconstruction refers to the placement of an implant during the mastectomy operation.

How is this different from two-stage breast reconstruction?

The two-stage breast reconstruction involves the placement of a tissue expander during the mastectomy operation. This will remain in place for several months, until the skin has stretched to accommodate a permanent implant. At this point, a second operation will be scheduled.

Who is the ideal candidate for one-stage breast reconstruction?

The ideal candidate for one-stage breast reconstruction is a woman with adequate tissue remaining after her mastectomy to accommodate the desired implant. She should be in overall stable heath, understand the breast reconstruction process, and have realistic expectations for her results.

Why should I choose Dr. Schwartz for my one-stage breast reconstruction?

A renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz is known for his innovative techniques in both the one and two-stage breast reconstruction procedures. Dr. Schwartz consistently brings his patients an unmatched level of safety and satisfaction during their reconstruction process.

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