Gynecomastia FAQs

Will a male breast reduction leave visible scarring?

In many cases, the scars can be hidden within the areola, but sometimes additional incisions will be required to completely correct the problem, and these will leave a scar. Most patients are pleasantly surprised, though, by how faint the scar is when fully healed. You can encourage a good result through adherence to Dr. Schwartz’ post-op instructions and careful use of sunscreen to protect against excessive pigmentation from sun exposure.

My areolas are too big. Can that be fixed?

Yes, an areolar reduction can be performed on its own or as part of a male breast reduction. The procedure requires an incision all the way around the areola, but the scar is usually well-hidden by the color change between normal skin and areola, and the results will give you a more masculine-looking chest.

Will chest exercises fix my gynecomastia?

Unfortunately, no. True gynecomastia is a problem of excess breast tissue, so losing fat or building muscle cannot eradicate it. You can help to minimize the visibility of the problem by improving the muscle underneath the tissue, but it can only be completely removed surgically.

Will the breast tissue grow back after surgery?

In most situations, a male breast reduction is a permanent solution. However, weight gain after the surgery can cause breast enlargement due to new fat deposits, and use of hormones or steroids can greatly increase the risk of recurring gynecomastia.

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